NEW this week: Voodoo Farm; Anakyn & Fabio Lendrum; Lazy Rich; Electric Joy Ride; & new Singularity remix of A&B.

Hey folks.
I’m not a huge fan of moombahton; it doesn’t really speak to me as a genre. However, Voodoo Farm has such a funky, fresh nudisco moombahton sound, that I thought I’d share this. It’s a really chill song. It’s one song of a four-song EP that’s available for download on his Facebook.
Here’s a recent indie electro release from Anakyn with a really groovy sound. It’s got a steady, present bass-line and fantastic, soaring & highly energetic synth treble. Throw in some nice vocals and the whole experience is a great preview of a nicely progressive track. Have a listen; below is a 1.5 minute preview.
Anakyn ft. Fabio Lendrum – Point Blank (Love is Bind)
Here’s another sweet teaser; so excited to get the rest of this. Lazy Rich’s Insomnia, this preview released earlier this week. A more steadily high-energy track than Anakyn’s, with great vocals and a really catchy chorus. Some nice d&b builds that drop into some pretty grimy bass that’ll leave you wanting oh so much more when it ends.  
Lazy Rich – Insomnia [TEASER]
Here’s a new one from Electric Joy Ride & Dynamics, released 5 days ago. Really strong kick-drum bass beat leads into some crafty and energic synthesizer sounds. For me, the track falls nicely into the background while definitely still giving me some energy. Late-night study tune, perhaps. I feel like I could be dead on my feet and still find the energy to groove to this track; it’s never too much, isn’t too ambitious or excited. Free download here.
And finally, Singularity’s remix of A&B’s Thing Called Love. Some really fantastic electrosteppy sounds in here; they’ll kick in first at around a minute and a half and sound perfect. The sound isn’t lost in the grime — it comes up for air, so you never feel just lost in mundane wub-wub. Great mix of bass and treble in there makes the sound refreshing despite the heaviness of the bass lines. Plus, the original song has some great vocals and a really touching melody. 
That’s it that’s all, folks! Enjoy :).
  • Funky Monkey c( . . )o
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Few gems from the last week: NEW 914 Hit Squad; NEW Karetus; NEW EP released by Savoy; Chicago newcomer D3TOXX; and Dzeko & Torres absolutely funky and fresh 2012 in 10 Minutes.

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been AWOL for a while, just trying to get my life in order over here in Nice. I was kicking myself when I finally opened Reeder and Soundcloud and had over 200 new posts and tracks to listen to. I have to say, I didn’t hear a whole lot I loved this week; a few tracks have had good success, but I think most of my audience has probably heard them, and I don’t want to just repeat what everybody else has put up. Anyway, here are a few tracks from the week that stood out for me, including one INCREDIBLE year-in-review mashup by Toronto duo Dzeko & Torres, the first 2012 mashup that I’ve really, really enjoyed.
First track’s released on the 11th of January by 914 Hit Squad, NYC group that’s been steadily pushing out some pretty sweet sounds. Here’s their Girl on Fire bootleg; it has a nice energy and good clean vocals, plus some nifty play with the vocals that leads into a nice riff at about 1.30.
Next up, an anthemy remix by Karetus, a Portuguese electronic music duo. This Nicky Romaro & NERVO remix dips into some pretty dope, grimy dub step, without just being a grungy wall of sound that I find many artists get a little carried away with. Karetus doesn’t lose track of the original song in all the grungy wubbiness, which I appreciate. So, here’s Nicky Romero & NERVO – Like Home (Karetus Remix).
Savoy just released their Personal Legend EP; of the three songs on the extended play, I definitely like Hard to Say the best. It has some really strong vocals that have a Lana Del Reyish sort of beratone quality. Interspersed with some hard electro riffs. And at 1.00, makes me just wanna jump on the table and lip-sync my heart out. The entire EP is also available for download here.
D3TOXX, 21 year old producer from Chicago, released a bunch of tracks on his soundcloud 2 weeks ago. is Calling (Lose my Mind) with Alesso ft. Ryan Tedder. There’s some other great remixes on there of songs by Porter Robinson (Unison, pretty good), Calvin Harris ft. Kelis, definitely worth checking out. I liked this remix because it had a nice, high-energy melody, a good beat, and didn’t just add a few extra beats and bars to the original; you can tell there was a creative process. But, if you don’t like this track, there’s plenty other good D3TOXX remixes on his SoundCloud page, pay him a visit. 
And finally, as promised, Dzeko & Torres year-in-review 2012 In 10 Minutes mashup. This is one of the few 2012 mashups that’s really caught my attention. I think they did it pretty much flawlessly. It has a tonne of great songs (not all 2012), and it doesn’t feel cramped or contrived at all. It all really flows. Pretty dope. Proud to say they’re from my hometown Toronto :). 
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Superchill Wednesday Wakeup :) Here’s 8 funky fresh chill tracks. BRAND NEW from K-Lukasz ft. Lokka; DJ Stylus Josh ft. RomyHarmony; NEW from yesterday: Jakob Liedholm & Tim Norrel ft. Nick Nikon; NEW Zed’s Dead remix: Lies ft. Marina & the Diamonds; NEW Markus Cole & Amorales; and NEW hip-hop by DymeADuzin & CJ Trillo. Enjoy a relaxing wake-up with some super chill tracks :).

Good morning y’all. Let’s have a super chill day. Here are eight really chill, most downtempo tracks; most of them are from new and emerging artists. There’s a little indie electronic to start off, then 2 or 3 progressive tracks, all finished up with some tight little trap-hop; and a whole lot of smooth.
First up, a few of the underdogs =). K-lukasz is a little known progressive and downtempo DJ from Stockholm (no surprise there). If you like his sound, which I think you’ll find soothing but jazzy, make sure to follow him on his Sound Cloud ( for upcoming releases. My Peace, originally produced by Johannesburg singer Lokka, really showcases this South African’s seductive vocals. Check out her single Feel U Now in the PS. Here’s K-Lukasz’ remix of My Peace.
Keeping in tune with the progressive tempo, here’s a new track released 2 weeks ago by Italian DJ Stylus Josh. The vocalist, RomyHarmony, has a great voice for EDM – she hits some interesting notes, and her voice has a unique timbre that Josh plays with a few times to make some cool treble riffs. Makes me wanna chill on a beach in the afternoon after a long day’s party and just take in the world. Man, how great is house music?
Gonna boost the tempo for the next track. Jakob Liedholm, another Swede (something in the water there man..) brings us this great new track with Tim Norrel ft. Nick Nikon, entitled Lights. Released yesterday, and with a free download link, it’s a really dope, up-beat track with some soaring vocals. It’s a little more energetic than the last two tracks, just incase you were falling asleep ;). And at around 1.45, Liedholm & Norell give it a sweet boost of progressive synth. I’d say of the three, this is my favourite.
(If the SoundCloud above is broken, you can listen to Liedholm & Norrel on youtube here).
This next one was released yesterday and has been all. over. the. internet. It has more than 50 000 plays in its FIRST 24 HOURS on Soundcloud and 2000 likes. Give it a listen and you’ll definitely see why. This track has it all – it’s upbeat and energetic without being aggressive; the vocals are so smooth and interesting; the drum and bass backbone interspersed with deep cubby notes to keep things interesting; and some totally, totally great vocal remixing. No doubt many of you have heard this track before, but it’s worth posting again. Really well done.
Here’s a new release from Markus Cole & Amarolas, released 24 hours ago on their soundcloud. It features strong vocals from Brenton Mattheus, whose masculine voice is a really nice departure from the sometimes airy female vocals featured in a lot of EDM tracks. This is a really banging beat with some great builds and drops – it starts out well in line with the previous tracks, but by about 3 minutes in, you’re going to want to get on your dancing shoes and bust a move.
Alright, two hip-hop tracks to finish off the groove. DymeADuzin’s Memories has a nice sweet trap beat, downtempo, smooth vocals and some nice melody in the chorus. It may not seem like anything unique at first, but I’ve found myself really enjoying this track since its release yesterday.
CJ Trillo’s along the same lines as Huey Mack and Mac Miller. It’s got a nice, smooth, easy beat, and his rhymes are pretty dope. Plus, he makes an indignant objection to the raping of (I’m assuming) Jyoti Singh Pandey (the poor young woman from Dehli you’ve read in the news), which always rings true with me.
Alright guys, have a groovy Wednesday morning =). Hopefully these tracks give you a sweet n easy easy Wednesday Wake-up :).
  • Funky Monkey c( . . )o
PS: Here’s Lokka’s most recent single, Feel U Know, released 15 hours ago.
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TWELVE. DOPE. NEW. TRACKS. This massive post includes up-and-comers Kid de Luca <3, Simo*, experienceNexus, Synapse, and PIXL, and sounds from established masters like Solodisco, Jane Doze, Vicetone, and Chuckie. Others include: Reece Low, Paris Blohm, Will Sparks, Rogue and CRNKN. Enjoy, mother fuckers.

Okay folks, I’ve been absent for a couple days, did a quick little trip to Paris for NYE; but now I’m back home and just went through a shittonne new music. Here are my favourites from everything I’ve heard come out over the last 2 weeks, there’s some pretty damn DOPE tracks in here. Super funky :). Since there’s a SHITLOAD of beautiful, banging  new music in this post, I’ve broken it down into three groups: Time to Party; Time to Chill; and Bassilicious. This post features some incredible new, up-and-coming artists, as well as some dope new tracks by more well-known DJs. I know you’re going to love it all.

Time to Party:

Starting us off, Vicetone. Vicetone has a great sound for remixes; heavy beat builds that lead into really great electro melodies. Really enlivening. I think this one’s a great one to start us off; it’s a nice n’ easy remix that has a totally addictive beat and will get us ready for some heavier stuff. So, released just yesterday, here’s Vicetone’s remix of Hook n Sling vs. Nervo. Have a listen.

Up next, one of my new fave up and comers from the Netherlands, Kid de Luca. I raved about his music a few weeks ago, and I’ll do it again now. This mashup is totally dope, I can’t wait to hear more and more from de Luka. This is a remix of Avicii, Hardwell & Nicky Romero, so it’s already got a great base to start with; de Luka throws em all together in a sexy mix of upbeat and downtempo.

You guys know I’m a big sucker for BIG, SOULFUL vocals in my house music; well Amba Shepherd definitely delivers in Soldier, and Paris Blohm (formerly Parisyte) did a fucking fantastic remixing this track into a fist-pumping banger. Nice steady beats with treble overtones that really get my bod movin n groovin =). Released yesterday. Comes with a free download.

WillSparks previewed this mix a little while ago, and released it last month, working with JDG. Sparks is on the bleeding edge of a less-known genre of EDM called Bounce, which originated in New Orleans hip-hop scene. Sparks does a really dope job bringing bounce and into the main EDM scene; this song is totally relatable. This is such. A. Fucking. Sick. Song. The synth is intricate, tight claps, strong steady beat, I just love, love, love it. Trappy, trebble-heavy, there’s no ignoring this one, and when it comes on, you just wanna get down :). Or, at least, I do. Haha. Here’s Will Sparks & JDG – People Talk.

Keep the good times rollin! Joel Hunt aka Rogue hails from England and has a funky, melodic sound. This Days to Come remix has a quick, drummy tempo, and about 2 minutes in you get hit with a sweet, sweet, soulful synth-step. I can’t turn my headphones up high enough, literally. Absolutely on fire. Bangin’.

Here’s a really fuckin sweet song by Solodisco. Anjulie’s voice is pure and shines through really nicely. Once again, my pants get tight for soulful vocals over banging beats and sweet synth, so it’s no surprise I love this track. Around 1.45 you start to really build, and at 1.50 Solodisco hits a GROOVY fucking Nudisco drop, I actually got up out of my chair and started dancing on my balcony, no word of a lie. Neighbours loved it.

Time to Chill:

Alright, let’s take a quick break from the heavy house beats and skip on over to PIXL. PIXL’s been producing awesome music for a while now, but he’s totally new to me. I’m really glad I found this guy, his trancy/downtempo style is so great for chilling. I’m out on the patio right now watching the Riviera sun with a beer and just chillin so hard to this tune. Have a listen, it’s almost ambient but stays engaging and exciting enough that it never really fades into the background.

Up next, new track from La Bombe and Synapse, this is a totally funky, totally groovy disco house production. Clever melodies and really engaging electro synth over a smooth and steady beat. Sometimes producers try to manage too much between the treble and the bass, but Blende & Surrender! has a simple, steady beat that leaves Synapse free to get some groovy disco tunes overtop. Another smooth chilling song.

Here’s a great remix by Reece Low of Rizzle Kicks (Brighton hip-hop duo) Down With the Trumpets. It’s only a preview, but he gives a link to the full song, which you’re going to want to get. The sound, especially towards the end, is reminiscent of Will Sparks’ Bounce track featured above.

Okay, alright.. Ready to move? Chuckie’s the kind of DJ, and this is the kind of song, that when I’m melting on the dance floor, soaked in sweat, surrounded by sweaty bodies, and the air’s too hot, and the light’s too bright, and I’m just turning to head for the smoking patio to get some fresh air, Well FUCK me dancing, this song’s gonna come on and I’m gonna be stuck on that dancefloor on the verge of passing out and dancing as hard as I fucking can. Chuckie’s new mashup, released 4 days ago, Stormchaser vs. Fall Into the Sky.


Up next, experienceNexus’ Nexus-Radiant. This kid’s just 19 years old, from Florida US of A. He has a great, funky, FULL-bodied sound. There ain’t room for anything else in this song cause it’s packed full of sexy, dublicious bass riffs. Some folks might find that a little hard for their pallet, but the grungy stuff is interspersed really nicely synth melodies, and the transitions aren’t jarring at all.

Here’s some dope hip-hoppin chillage. CRNKN remix of Waka Flocka’s No Hands. Trebble-heavy, kinda trappy, but with some seriously ghetto fuckin beats. Once you hit 1 minute in, its all dirty fucking hard-as-shit, mmmm-mmm dopey goodness. I got that fuckin line stuck in my head all day now, Giiirrrll, drop it to the floor, I love the way your booty gooo, all I wanna do is sit back and watch ya mooove. You get the idea.

And, wrapping up today’s MASSIVE post, here’s a small EDM Producer and DJ from Ohio, Simo. Understandably, I’d never heard of Simo before being introduced to this song; this guy’s not well known on the international scene, but I bet he’s tearing it up in Cincinnati, because this song is so dope. I’m tired of introducing songs. Just listen. It’s good. Mmmmutrix ft Charivyt Vance – Come Alive, remixed by Simo.

Okay, that’s it folks. Hope you’ve enjoyed the music, those are my favourite tracks that I heard over the last week, even when I couldn’t be near a ‘puter.

PLUR, y’all.

  • Funky Monkey c( . . )o
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Little post before a post-vacation biggie :). NEW Brian Kramer bootleg; NEW Draper; and NEW Ryan Woollerton. Three funky, slow, soulful electro / electrostep tracks. Enjoy.

Hello everybody. I’ve been away for so long, sorry! Trust me, I feel bad enough already, I have over 200 new posts, mp3s, podcasts and feeds to go through. So while that’s occupying my night, here are a few songs to start us off :). 
First up, Brian Kramer’s bootleg from a little under 2 weeks ago. Sun & Jule bootleg, taking from Solee, Tvardosvsky, Above & Beyond and Richard Bedford, Kramer’s put together a groovy, soft sound that’s some great ambient electro. Great vocals, very calming. Totally relaxing me for the daunting task ahead haha. Have a listen; free download too =).
Up next, we’re gonna keep going with the soft, soulful, power-balad electro; but this one definitely picks up after about a minute. Makes me wanna dance all smooth n’ sexy. Here’s Draper’s Night Rider featuring beautiful vocals by Pheobe Ray. You gonna like. Released 9 days ago: 
Here’s a little preview of a new Ryan Woollerton EP, released 19 days ago, entitled Lost & Found. It’s a light, groovy toon, fits in well with our little ambient theme going on here. Soft vocals. Good background. Gets really funky
Here’s a new one, released yesterday by Ryan Woollerton, his remix of Avicii and Nicky Romero – I Could be the One. Give it a listen, it’s got a groovy beat and dips into some nice electrostep.  Another free download.
Okay folks. There’s much more to come later, but I’m tired and that’s it for now.
  • Funky Monkey c( . . )o
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Pre-NYE Pump-up Playlist: NEW Primacy Funk; Synchronice ft. Mike Snow; NEW Kid de Luca ft. Avicii, Tiesto & Showtek; NEW Mario Chris – Fiesta Electro; NEW Tim Gartz; and NEW Denzal Park; plus songs by Cash Cash and after-party chill-out, NEW by Fareoh!

New Years is quickly approaching, which means we need some bangin’ beats. I got your beats right here, boy. The following’s a little longer of a post, but I had so many great head-bangin beats for NYE, I figured why not set up a nice li’l playlist. So here’s a good 30-40 minutes of music you can just let play and love every minute of it.

 Let’s start with Primacy Funk, great pump-up track. House-y, not too electro, which I find a little annoying when I’m just starting up a playlist. I like to ease into my craze, y’know? So, here’s a newbie by Primacy Funk entitled Rain, w. Avidan. It is just.. so awesome. Them beats start early and head into sweet, sweet melodic riffs with heavy bass backing, and I just want to .. I dunno .. Fuck and party. Boom boom boom :). Wait for 2:41 and get ready to cum. This is definitely going to head up some of my NYE pump-up playlists. Not to mention a great track for the gym!

Synchronice, Mike Snow, Animal, need I say more? Well, I will, because this track is super groovy. Animal’s a great song on its own, and if you ever found it too soft for your tastes, I guarantee with Synchronice giving it a solid deep beats backbone, you won’t think so anymore. Around 1.25 it starts going really hard, drop hits at 1.35 and life is just so great. I can’t wait to dance to this NYE in Paris.
Kid de Luca brings it hard with this Avicii, Tiesto & Showtek mashup, “Pair of Sil-houballs.” If you don’t know Kid de Luca, I suggest heading over to SoundCloud and.. listening to everything he’s done. Pay special attention to this mash-up around 2:30, it’s super funky
Alright, I’m all warmed up. Let’s get into some serious EDM. Mario Chris, released 18 days ago on his SoundCloud, Fiesta Electronica. Aptly named; it really is a fiesta of electronic beats and sounds; super funky and flavourful.
Moving on from the Netherland’s Luca, Sweden’s Tim Gartz, doing what Tim Gartz does best. This track’s a little more mellowed out, but it has some ragin’ beats and definitely won’t kill your buzz. Four days old – I Gave you Everything, Tim Guartz remix. (If you like this one, check out his Original mix as well, Shine, it’s really, really superb).
Denzal Park; these guys rose to fame with Finally 2008, and have been steadily sending tracks out of Aussieland since. Here’s Pieces of Light, about a month old, by Denzal Park.
Next up, across the globe to the US of A, specifically New Jersey, with Cash Cash. Didn’t know these guys before, but I’m glad I found ’em. This beat is solid, funky electro rhythm, and sweet, sweet drops. I’m loving it, you will too. 
Check out Overtime as well.
Alright. There’s more, but I’m tired, so that’s it for now =) More later today and in the evening. Expect good things!
  • Funky Monkey c( . . )o
PS: Now you all need to chill. Here’s a nice, relaxin’ after-party groovy tune by Fareoh, a new fav of many. Out three days ago, this is Fareoh’s remix of Late Night Alumni: Shine. 
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NEW Djinn & Tuben – Haptic; Kid Massive, Alex Sayz ft. Mielle; NEW Robbie Rivera – Show Me Some Headbanging; NEW Richello – Must hear artist! & Clicks & Whistles rmx. Katy B’s Aaliyah, plus NEW preview by Tuben, “Id”

Hope everybody had a fun and commercial Boxing Day – hey, Christmas is about family, boxing day is about dropping stacks. My family and I went Monte Carlo for the day, it was fantubular. That casino is ridic.
I’m sure everybody’s in shopping- and food-coma, so might as well throw on your headphones or plug in your speakers and jam out, ammi right? First up, new sound released a week by ago by Djinn & Tuben, entitled Haptic. Starts off soft and melodic, but doesn’t stay down for long; beat picks up and some electro starts working its way in over the melody and before you know it, your foot’s tappin, your head’s bouncin’, body’s moving. It’s a great starter track, ’cause it’s not at all overwhelming for the senses, but it totally takes you there. Especially starting at 1.00 in. Enjoy.
Alright, ears are warmed up a little, we can head into some deeper house. This one isn’t gentle at all, right from the start. We get a quick taste of vocals and then straight into drum-and-bass, electro house. Build, build, build aaaaaaand drop; straight back into soulful vocals (always gets me going!), beat synchs in and I’m in heaven. 1.20… 1.25.. and 1.35 back into deep house. You definitely have to love your deeper house and drum-and-bass to appreciate this track, but if you do, you’ll wanna get up and move.
A man that needs no introduction, Robbie Rivera. If you like house, you like Robbie Rivera. This is definitely a club track. Now for me, that means it’s likely to get skipped in my iTunes when I’m doing work or on the subway or walking or just chilling. I have to be in the right mood. And, let’s be honest, there’s just nothing that compares to hearing deep bass pumped over speakers bigger than my house, and for now, that only happens in clubs. But, if you got some groovy speakers and you’re having a dance party with some die-hard house fans, throw this puppy on and you’ll get some fists up in the air for sure. Courtesy Rivera released just 5 days ago here’s Show Me Some Headbanging (Mothafuckaaa!)
The best part of starting to blog is finding all these artists I’d never heard before. Here’s one I wish I’d known about a lot sooner – Richello. This kid was born in 1995. Yeah. You heard me. 1995. He’s like.. A fucking infant. But man, can this kid make some noise. I started with this Katy Perry remix, that he’s just released 5 days ago. It’s decent. Groovy track, groovy remix. Nice builds, nice vocals. Got a little taste? Good. Now get everything else he has on his SoundCloud — ALL free downloads — because it’s all golden. Remixes of Paloma Faith, Nervo, Owl City, all fantastic. 1995! Nuts. Enjoy.
Alright guys. A little deeper on the house side than my recent posts, but I’m trying to keep my portfolio diversified, as they say, so I hope you can appreciate the first 2 tracks, and I’m sure once you’ve heard Richello you’ll be happy you checked in. Happy Boxing Day, y’all! Go nurse your bank-accounts.
  • Funky Monkey Music c( . . )o
PS: Here’s a nifty Clicks & Whistles Remix of Katy B’s Aaliyah.
And, to look forward to, a quick 90 second edit from Tuben entitled Id, have a listen. Definitely has potential.
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Merry Christmas :) Four Christmas presents from 4 amazing DJs. NEW Nicky Romero remix of Ludacris ft. Usher “Rest of my Life”; Afrojack’s remix: Keane’s “Sovereign Light Café”; & NEW Funkagenda bootleg of The XX – Fiction! PS: NEW Album released by Tor.

Good morning everybody =). Merry Christmas everybody, and happy birthday to Armin Van Buuren, Isaac Netwon, Dido, Annie Lennox, and Jimmy Buffett! I hope everybody’s Christmas Day is merry, and for non-Christians.. Enjoy your Chinese food! Hehe. Here are three great tracks all released in the last couple days, and a new album by Tor entitled Drum Therapy which makes for some great ambient chillage.
Three artists, three fantastic Christmas pressies =). First, Nicky Romero’s released a preview of his remix of Ludacris ft. Usher, “Rest of My Life.” This track is super funky, I’m totally loving it on this fine Christmas morning. It’s got my head bumpin’ and my spirits high! It’s only a 90 second preview, sadly, but it’s a great teaser for what’s to come. I can’t wait to hear the rest of it.
Afrojack from 2 months ago, less-fresh-still-funky! This remix of Keane’s “Sovereign Light Café” will keep the good times going. Keane’s voice, of course, is soulful and powerful, and his natural tendency to build up the energy in his songs lends itself perfectly as introduction to Afrojack’s electro riffs and steady beats. I’m loving the sound of this pounding through my Dr. Dre’s.

Last up, I can’t think of a sweeter duo to finish off this Christmas post. The XX, of course, means this track is beautifully ambient, with soft, soothing vocals and a steady, funky rhythm that Funkagenda builds on beautifully to add some extra funk. All three of these tracks work as great up-beat background chilling music. Throw em together on a playlist and enjoy your Christmas Day, everybody!
Love and thanks to all =)
  • Funky Monkey Music c( . . )o
PS: Speaking of great ambient and chill music, Tor’s just released a new album entitled Aperature; the whole CD is available on his SoundCloud page and is definitely worth a listen while you’re home with family and friends and taking ‘er easy on this beautiful morn.
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Christmas Eve Post! NEW Felix Cartel (3 days) featuring Natalie Anguili – Lullaby; Chicago newcomer Topher Jones with Amanda ft. Ido vs. The World – Hello Chicago; & Jordon Postrel & K-Razer’s NEW Heart’s Not Made of Gold (6 days). All fresh and FUNKY! PS: Jjoo & Kevin Charm rmx’d Above & Beyond – Superlegerra.

Merry Xmas Eve to those who celebrate =) Happy holidays otherwise. This is just going to be a quickie; I’m off to traditional French mass in an hour (er……) which is a little exciting.. And then Christmas Day in Monte Carlo tomorrow, which is totally funky. Unfortunately, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed by a few of my favourite producer’s Christmas releases; but I bet many of them were rushed to release something on Christmas. However, these three tracks, released over the last few days, are all fantastic and very funky =). (I feel like Austin Powers saying funky all the time, ‘kept he said Groovy.. but you get the idea).

Anyway. Here’s a new one by Felix Cartel released three days ago, featuring Natalie Anguili. Natalie’s beautiful voice shines clear on through the throbbing beats during vocal rifts, and with some trappy vocal play by Cartel, the whole ensemble is very groovy. It’s a smooth house song with a great electro melody. Enjoy it.

Okay. Here’s a name that might be new to some of you, Topher Jones. This song was released about a month ago. Topher, a Chicago DJ with a small but respectable SoundCloud following has been coming out with some great Progressive House remixes over the last year or so. Hello Chicago with Amanda ft. Ido vs. The World is another fantastic vocal-forward track. I think it goes perfectly with Cartel’s release above. It’s got a fun, funky beat, definitely a feel-good track, with clean vocals and really funky lead-ups to some melody-heavy drops. Rarely interspersed electro riffs lean the track closer to EDM than indie, but it navigates a fine line and does so really well. I’ve been really enjoying it, I think you will too. I’ve been singing “Hellooooo, Chicaggooo, I’ve been waiting all my liiiiife” all day.

Finally, Jordan Postrel & K-Razer’s Heart Not Made of Gold. Both Postrel and K-Razer, I have to admit, are entirely new to me. I grabbed this remix off another blog, EDM Sauce (a regular source of mine). Their sound is really funky. They does great vocal work – modulation, repetition, trap – it works into their song so well, and it’s a really jazzy mix. They’ve labeled it as ‘indiedance / nudisco’ on his soundcloud, and they’re absolutely right to include all three genres. The vocals and vocal play is definitely indie, the beats are solid enough for dance and definitely funky enough for nudisco. It’s a great track, and two artists that I imagine is new to  most. Released just six days ago, and the only song on Postrel’s SoundCloud page, Heart’s Not Made of Gold is definitely finding its way into my jazz / lounge house playlists.

  • Funky Monkey Music c( . . )o


Here’s a little trance house for you, brand new from Jjoo and Kevin Charm, Superlegerra; the embedded song is an Above and Beyond Radio Edit. Enjoy.

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Startin’ smooth: NEW (4 days) Emperor remix of Mikki Ekko’s Pull Me Down; gettin’ funkier: Project 46 & Marino – Wut!; the funkiest: NEW JordyDazz – Claymore; wind-down funk: NEW Daniel Oscar’s remix of Carried Away by Passion Pit.

Afternoon amigos and amigas in North America; evening to my Europeans. A few dope new tracks put together from today’s funky new releases. I’m really loving these tracks. A few of them are a little slowed down, like Oscar Daniel’s remix of Passion Pit by Carried Away and Mikky Ekko’s Pull Me Down, but they’re really beautiful tracks. Deep beats, soulful melodies, and great vocals.  Mikky Ekko will start us off. This Nashville native has been steadily putting out soulful, indie & alternative remixes and electronic music over the last few months. This most recent track is from just four days ago. If you like Pull Me Down, and are even open to some slower, less electronic and more indie tunes, definitely check out his soundcloud page. I’m really loving his tracks, they’ve got great rhythm and melody, really spot-on vocals. This version of Pull Me Down was remixed by Emperor, and he does a really fantastic job of keeping Ekko’s soft n soulful indie-electro style while bringin’ up the vibe a little. 

Alright! Ya ears warmed up? good. Pull Me Down might’ve had your head slumped down in easy reverence, but turn up the sound for this funky puppy and get ready for some super funky beats by Project 46 and Marino. This is a perfect transition from Pull Me Down to the banger from Claymore below. It’s got style, it’s got soul, and it’ll get your body movin. Love love love it.

Alright, got your feet movin’ a little? Good. Now get ready for this: sweet new sounds from JordyDazz. Pumped out 19 days ago by this Netherlands up-and-comer, Claymore is a sweeeet EDM with some beautiful D&B beats, steady electro funk running over top, and some great trappy vocal effects. The embedded player below has a 90 second preview. To hear a more full version (totally, tatally worth it), head on over to JordyDazz’s soundlcoud page here.

Alright, and our wind-down track – so to speak – Daniel Oscar’s remix of Carried Away by Passion Pit, released three days ago. This song is still pretty upbeat, definitely funky. I love the electro work in this, the synth sounds are melodic, rhythmic and lead perfectly into the vocal rifts, which bring a little indie feel into the mix; I think it’s a great song to tie together the last three and bring this puppy to a close. So, have a listen, I know you’re gonna enjoy it.

That’s it folks. Hope you’ve enjoyed, I’m so glad I caught these gems are their way out from these amazing artists. Have a funky monday errbody.


  • Funky Monkey Music c( . . )o
PS:… Not today :(.. Double next time. Promise.
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